ALERT: Domain Registry of America Scam


Beware of fake looking invoices from scamming Domain Name Registrars. 


You would think that a somewhat legit Domain Name Registrar like Domain Registry of America would find better ways to attract customers rather than trolling these fake looking invoices around. 


At first glance these seem to be official invoices for your domain name renewal - sent to the address on the Account Record for your domain name. If you read closely though they do indeed say "switch or transfer the domain name." But this is not made clear but obviously hidden well within the text at the end of paragraphs and in the middle of the page. 


As you can see the renewal date is purposely incorrect showing the due date as three months before the real renewal date (and most likely well before you would get a renewal notice from your current registrar).  Plus the prices are no "special deal" what-so-ever (running more than 50% higher than standard prices). 


Should you pay one of these invoices, you give them permission to transfer your domain name - this may be a hassle to try to undo.  Certainly it will cost you more time and aggravation than a $15 a year domain name is worth. 



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