Alert: End of Life for Windows-XP Operating System Approaching

If you are using a computer that is still running Windows XP (WinXP) as the Operating System (OS) then you may have noticed that there are no more updates being released.   This is part of Microsoft phasing out the product from their support systems.  The "official end date" is  4/8/2014 but you can expect there to be little to no more updates  released for XP.  


We recommend you begin looking at upgrading your WinXP machines to Windows 7 (Win7).  Keep in mind that some older machines may not have the needed requirements to run WIn7.   We have a simple test program that runs on the machine and can tell us if it can make the upgrade.  Keep in mind that there are actually 2 upgrades from WInXP to Vista to WIn7.  As you know we did not build very many Vista machines due to all the problems with that OS. 


We are very happy that our customers are getting more than the industry standard average (3 year) life span out of our TeleComputers and hope that we may continue to offer you the same solid, long life, machines well into the future.  We still have many 8 to 9 year old XP machines out there running at some workstations.  By the way, we replaced one of our original Win98 machines the other day - it was still purring right along.  Although the woman owner did not want to part with it - her son had bought her a brand new Win7 Tele Computer for her Birthday.   One for the Tele Museum.


Windows 8 is supposed to be released sometime this year.   You can see a sample of what it I supposed to look like here:


As you know we discourage our customers from using the latest (just released) Windows OS since most often we (both you and TeleComputers) end up being Beta testers helping Microsoft to resolve their OS initial problems - with no compensation for our lost time, frustration and wasted energy.  We always advise you wait until the first (or sometimes second) Service Pack is released before  venturing into the newest version of Windows.  As we did with both WinXP and WIn7.


Windows 7  if installed with the 64 bit version can break the 3.2 MB RAM barrier that was set by the 32 bit operating system of XP.  However in order to run more than 3.2MB of RAM most XP built machines (most have a maximum RAM capacity of only 2MB) would need to be replaced. 


Please let us know if you would like to talk about upgrading your machines.  

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