Alert: End of Life for PrevX Anti-Virus Approaching.

It is unfortunate but another company Webroot SecureAnywhere has purchased PrevX. 

As you know we have been adding the free Trial version of PrevX to most every computer we have installed or added to any networks over the past few years.  For many clients the upgrade was made to the full version with a yearly fee. 

The new company is repackaging PrevX with a different look and feel, as well as, a new higher price point. 
End of Life for Prevx will be June 2012 sometime.  

The new company is saying they do not want to leave us without protection so they are willing to renew PrevX for the same rate as last year  for a one-time renewal.  After that we do not know what the cost will be or the purchasing process.  So we will have to make a determination if it is worth it on a case by case basis.  

We are testing the full package of the product now and will let you know what we find.


In the meantime, should your PrevX come up for renewal and begin to give you popup alerts about it, please select "do not remind me about this again" from the list and that should stop the annoyance factor.  We will be in to upgrade the expiring licenses just as soon as possible.  

You will notice, once the renewal install has been done, the PrevX green icon will be replaced by a new green circle icon with a W in it.  

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