SpamAssassin is Online

Due to the high amount of spam email, which has been on the rise over the past few months, we have decided to set in place yet another level of spam protection.  

As you may know we process approximately 650 spam email for every legit email we deliver. This was never envisioned when our Email Systems was originally set up.  While the Email Server program has changed over the years to adapt to the spam overload it has not been enough to cope with the mess.  Spammers have learned to bypass the tradition methods of screening and have even added some twists that lessen the program's ability to stop it.  What was supposed to be an easy automated process has become a time consuming, nearly full-time job. 

SpamAssassin (SA) is one of the best programs to assist us with this ugly task. 

While we are tweaking and setting the configurations for the new install you may notice that some questionable messages will arrive in your inbox with the following appended to the subject line:  

Subject: *****SPAM***** 

This simply means that AS has determined that email to "most likely" be spam but did not want to delete it until you had a chance to review it.  

You can easily create a rule (in your email program) to move messages with *****SPAM***** in the subject line into your junk email folder and then look them over from time to time to make sure that SA is not marking any ham as spam.   Feel free to forward to us any "ham" messages you find marked this way and we will add it to the white-list.  Simply click "forward" and send the email to   

We believe the addition of this program will assist us in effectively dealing with the rising spam issues and allow us to continue to deliver your "real" messages in a proper and normal manner.  

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