ALERT: Beware Email Zip File Attachments

Please note the latest email malware campaign underway - sending ZIP compressed files attached to somewhat realistic looking email. 
Some pretend to be a scan document sent from within your own company (usually from an non existent email address but with your correct domain name - as below) and others pretend to contain some important notice ranging from winning email lotteries to UPS invoices/receipts.  
All messages are intended to get the viewer to make a quick assessment and click on the ZIP file to see what it is about. The zip file then delivers the malware payload.  In most cases your anti virus program will not be able to distinguish this install from a normal install that you have initiated. Also in most cases the click on the ZIP file will look as if nothing happened. 
Basically be aware of these ZIP files and do NOT open .zip files that you are not expecting. 
If you happen to click on one of these Zip files by accident please submit a ticket to support ASAP so we can check your system. 

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