Hardware: Is Your ISP Blocking Port 25? Outbound Email is Stuck in Outbox?

Problem: You can receive email but you cannot send.  Messages just sit in your outbox.

An increasing number of ISP's (Internet Service Providers) block outgoing mail / SMTP connections on port 25 (the default port for SMTP) - this is mainly done to stop Residential customers from using the Basic Plan services for business.  They want you to upgrade (spend more money) and get a business plan.  

While OptOnline (Cablevision) has done this for several years, just recently a few other Brand Name players have also begun doing this as well.  You can call your ISP and complain but most of the time they will just tell you to upgrade.  Sometimes even when you upgrade they have been known to still block 25 until you call in to their tech support department and complain. 

Our solution has been to bypass the standard port 25 and use an alternate port in order to defeat their blockage.  This will only work on TeleSites Email Servers as we have purposely configured the email settings to allow this change. 

In order to use this bypass you will need to change the SMTP port in your advanced email settings from the default 25 to 2525.  Our email servers listen on that port automatically for all email accounts that our web hosting clients have.  To make this easy - just watch the following YouTube video.  You may pause the video in spots in order to match what they are doing in the settings.  

The video is for an older version of Outlook but the changes for any version of Office are similar:  

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