Windows 10 Rollout

As usual we will not be installing the newest Windows release (Windows 10) onto any of our TeleComputers until the first Service Pack is released.  This is our normal policy with every new release of Windows.  There is no advantage in "Testing" the Operating System (OS) for Microsoft - and in the end we (both you and us) spend a lot less man-hours dealing with the "unknown" if we wait until at least some of the bugs are fixed in the first Service Pack (SP1) release.   
Windows 10 is not that big of a change from Windows 8.x but it does now include tools that can help it work more like WIndows 7 (which is good news for people who work on the computer all day).  A big change is the return of the Start Button and easy access to the desktop. 
One of the smartest things Microsoft has done in a long time is to make the upgrade free to anyone with Win7 or 8.x.  This will get everyone onto the same operating system over a period of time.   Since Windows XP has gone away there will be no upgrade released for it.   Another smart thing was to allow a pre-release version to OEM computer manufacturers which allowed us to install and look over the system way before the final release date.  The version came with a Feedback Section which allowed Microsoft to make changes to the version based on "what customers were saying."   I know... quite a new concept for them, yes? This may be the first Microsoft OS release with "real" customer input in a long time.  Now the only question is - did they listen?  We will find out soon. 
The WIndows 10 Rollout began today however not everyone will  get it right away.  It will be released slowly over a period of time and arrive as an update in your Windows Update area.  Best bet is to NOT install it.  Wait until the first Service Pack (usually called SP1) is released.  If you are dying to see what it looks like and you have some free time on your hands - you can always install it onto an older laptop or PC you might have laying around.  Of course you will have to wait until they release it to that machine... so you might want to plug that machine in and keep it connected to the internet to allow the update to be downloaded.   Again - this is NOT for Windows XP.   

This article can give you more info about the rollout (if you are interested):
By the way WebRoot is completely compatible so there will be no need to update or upgrade it.  
Hope this helps. 

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