ALERT: Browser - Fake Virus Scan Window Pop-Up


More and more this is becoming a common occurrence.  Many web sites have been hacked (some legit sites with paid advertising that is infected) so when you attempt to connect to them they redirect your Browser (Internet Explorer. Firefox, etc.) to a pop up window that pretends to be a Windows "My Computer" screen.  The scam is to pretend that you are looking at your own Windows Explorer window (which would never open by itself) when in fact you are looking at a web site page in your browser window that is pretending to be your Windows Explorer window.  See below for example. 

The trick is to end your browser session immediately.  DO NOT REBOOT OR SHUT DOWN!  You will not be able to close your browser - as it will just keep reopening. So you need to press Control - Alt - Delete (also known as the three finger salute).  Once the Task Manager opens - look for the browser session (there may be two or more of them) - highlight it (them) and hit End Task.  That should close all your browser windows.  

Immediately run a virus scan of the C:\Users\  folder (usually under your own user name).  Delete the infected files that are found - make sure they are not stored in the Recycle Bin (you may want to right click it and Empty Recycle Bin to make sure).

The next time your Browser opens DO NOT select "restore last session" as that will just begin the problem all over again. 

Here is the fake My Computer window - inside the browser window: (all this info is bogus - it is just a web site pretending to be doing a scan of your PC.)


You may also get some pop-ups: (DO NOT click OK!) 

If you click the red X to close the pop-up window another pop-up will appear:  (DO NOT click OK or CANCEL!) 

Eventually the page will pretend to have finished the scan and show you this fake Windows Defender Pop Up (it is not real it is superimposed over the web page by the web site)  - (DO NOT click REMOVE ALL or CANCEL!)  - Go to the top of this page and follow the instructions on how do deal with this situation.

Hope this helps.

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