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Fraud alert for free internet hosting and registrar company

Save yourself the aggravation - do not use!

Scam alert - free hosting scam by

They will illegally hold your Domain Name hostage against all ICANN rules and regulations.

The only way to get them to transfer your domain name property to an alternate legitimate Registrar Service is to fill out the following illegal form and provide them with all your credit card financial details by fax or email. They will hold your domain name hostage until this information is submitted. This is completely illegal and there are no details on how they intend to protect your financial details from fraud once they have the submitted form.

As you can see the form not only requires the credit card name and number but also demands the security code, copy of the actual credit card (front and back), and a copy of your signature! There is no need for them to demand such detailed financial information.

Our requests to have our clients domain name transferred were all met with the same demand to complete the form with our detailed financial information or NOT be able to transfer the domain name away from their services.

ICANN does NOT require this to be done to transfer any domain name. This is their own internal policy of collecting credit card financial details and storing them somewhere within their company files.

When we called their support number to ask why they were holding the domain name for ransom a person with an accent answered the call and informed us of this form and said that they demanded the form or else we would not get the domain name transferred. Reluctantly we submitted the form.

DO NOT put yourself into this situation - avoid any dealings with!

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