Appended: About the Windows 8 / 10 Wait

Latest update 8/5/2016:
We have a way of making Windows 8 / Windows 10 appear to operate the same way as Windows 7.  If you have purchased a Win8/10 device and would like help getting it to be more like Win7 - let us know. In the meantime we are still not installing Win8/10 on any new builds.  All new machines are still being built with Win7.  
If you shop online or at a local retail store you may find there are no Win7 machines available - this is a normal situation as most all stores and manufacturers have an agreement with Microsoft to no longer sell older Operating Systems with new computers.  
The official Microsoft announcement is that they will support Windows 7 until January 14th 2020.   After that time unless they change their End Of Life (EOL) date there will be no more updates for the Operating System.   
Original message: 
As usual we will not be installing the newest Windows release (Windows 8) onto any of our TeleComputers until the first Service Pack is released.  This is our normal policy with every new release of Windows.  There is no advantage in "Testing" the Operating System (OS) for Microsoft - and in the end we (both you and us) spend a lot less man-hours dealing with the "unknown" if we wait until at least some of the bugs are fixed in the first Service Pack (SP1) release.   

Windows 8 is a big change from their previous versions of OS.  Why Microsoft has decided to force their end-users to work the way Microsoft wants and not the way they want is a mystery.  We will see how that battle rages during the next few weeks.  It appears at first glance that the new version is a single OS to control all new MS devices (tablets, phones, PCs, etc.) but that is not the case.  There is yet another flavor being released called Windows RT. 

This article can help make a little sense out of it all (if you are interested):
Making Sense of the Confusing World of Windows 8  

Hope this helps. 

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