Is Java Unsafe? Facts About the Java Exploit

Java has been around for quite some time and many people (mainly anti-virus companies) have been doing their best to alert people of the vulnerabilities that they say are being exploited.   Many of them are advising people to uninstall Java completely.  

After the first big news alert went out Java responded by releasing a Security Update.  However there are many who are claiming that it is still unsafe.

The truth is that many web sites rely on Java to function.  For example some of the Ford Dealership back-end web sites use Java in their processes and if it is not installed those functions will not run.  

In every documented case where Java has infected a computer it had used "social engineering" to trick the end user into installing the program.  In other words, it is not unsafe in itself, it just allows an infected site to show a pop-up that asks for your approval to install "something" in order to view a video or whatever.  So it requires a humans active participation to "allow" the install of the payload.  

Most of us know NOT to click on those kinds of things, right?  

If you still feel it is unsafe (or if you have young children using the computer) you may want to remove the browser plugin from your computer.   Here is how you can do that:

Open Control Panel  
Click on the Java icon
Go to the Security tab
Un-check “Enable Java content in the browser” 
Close and restart your browser. 

Note to Ford Clients: As I say you will not be able to do this without losing your admin processes.  


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