ALERT: Software: Anti-Virus Stops Working or You Cannot Update

One of the most common "heads up" alerts for an infection or malware on your PC or laptop is when the Anti-Virus program stops working or can no longer get te updates.  Many of the Malware programs actually attack the AV software and sme replace the start up file with their own version - which makes sure the machine is infected as soon as it starts (since AV is one of the first programs to run when the computer starts up).  So many people are using the same "most popular" AV programs (Norton, McAfee, etc.) that these become good targets for the designers of these malware programs and back-end Trojans.  

Another common indicator that something is not right is when you can no longer get any updates from Windows or your AV program.  Many times access will also be stopped for you to access the Control Panel, Task Manager (control-alt-delete), Add & Remove Programs, and most any program or utility that may be of assistance in removing the problem files.  Even system restore can be turned off by them. 

Should you notice any of these indicators please contact us ASAP so we can remove the malware from your computer.  Continuing to use your computer after the infection or malware is running can only make the matter worse and make it harder to clean.  You also risk allowing access to your files and the recording of any keystrokes you make while using your computer during the time it is unclean.  The programs send the keystrokes in files over the internet to the makers of the malware and so basically anything you type (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) is handed over to them.  

Some more advanced infections can actually stop the computer from booting once an attempt to clean it is made.  If this should occur you could lose all your documents and files when the hard drive is no longer able to boot up.  We have had a lot of experience cleaning these infections and malware.  We have also noticed a much higher occurrence rate recently and we can help you get it sorted.     


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